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Vehicle performance testing MAHA LPS 3000

Measurement options:

  • continuous measurement (measurement of engine power at constant acceleration)
  • discrete measurement (measurement of engine power at defined speed or speed intervals)
  • tachometer test (driving speed, odometer)
  • elasticity measurement (acceleration from a certain speed to a given gear)
  • display of engine speed, vehicle speed and oil temperature during measurement
  • rich possibilities of measuring other values ​​(pressures, temperatures, OBD data)
  • possibility of the graphical display of three other measured quantities
  • vehicle performance according to DIN 70020, EWG 80/1269, ISO 1585, SAE J1349, JIS D1001


Load simulation:

  • constant traction force (mountain trip simulation)
  • constant speed
  • constant revs
  • driving simulation (possibility of determining driving resistances by driving test on a real route, which can then be simulated on a cylindrical performance test room)



The vehicle is exposed to the maximum load during the measurement. The test is performed to simulate normal road traffic conditions, including the risk of full acceleration. When requesting power measurement, the customer must take into account that the good technical condition of the vehicle is a necessary condition for a smooth test (condition of the timing belt, turbocharger, its regulation, tires and their inflation to the manufacturer's required value, etc.). Defects caused by the wear and tear of any of the mechanical components during the test cannot be guaranteed.