electronics Magic G5 PRO 6cyl
electronics Magic G5 PRO 6cyl

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MAGIC G5 is dedicated to drive units equipped with indirect fuel injection. The line is based on the previous G4 platform dedicated to modern drive units. The MAGIC G5 line of controllers supports up to 8 cyl.

The MAGIC family, to which the G5 product line belongs, works with the MAGIC software, which has been equipped with an advanced  EXPERT SYSTEM for automatic detection of irregularities in gas systém settings and operation. This system generates hints/warnings and suggests solutions.


Each time a warning occurs, the buzzer will sound so that you do not miss the moment the advice is given. With each program release, the MAGIC G5 system has an expanded knowledge base to help calibrate cars.


With each release of the SKY EXPERT SYSTEM, the knowledge base is expanded to help in car calibration.



    Some cars (e.g. Mitsubishi or cars for the US market) require a dedicated RL version of the gas controller. This is the most universal version of the controller - it can be used in every car.

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    Product Description

    To facilitate installation and calibration, the G5 control unit has an Auto-Setup function that helps set up most cars quickly and easily.


    1. Run the software and select the automatic tuning
    2. Filling in the car details and starting
    3. The auto-setup on the stop
    4. Road test, wait for the verification of auto-setup settings
    5. Collection of the map on gasoline and gas, and automatic petting of the model for the precisional adjustment of the gas installation


    The kit contains:

    • 1x control unit (code 4212/6PRO)
    • 1x wiring (code 1920/6)
    • 1x pressure sensor (code 0907)
    • 7x intake nozzle (code 0332)
    • 1x control panel (code 4528)


    The homologation E8 67R01/14 3787 11