MAGIC 3 Power reducer
MAGIC 3 Power reducer
MAGIC 3 Power reducer

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3rd generation of HL propan reducer. Reducer MAGIC 3 Power with LPG electrovalve is a compact, modern and powerful reducer designed for each type of LPG unit. The design with minimum dimensions allows use for all engines up to 500HP.

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Product Description

  • for engines up to 500 HP
  • easy to install, can be placed in the vehicle in any position
  • LPG MAGIC Power valve MUST  be used for maximum power
  • adjustable pressure between 0.8 - 1.6bar
  • up to 5 LPG directional outlets
  • adjustable coolant outlet
  • copper pipe inlet sizes 6 and 8mm
  • use of a centrifugal effect to separate the liquid phase of LPG
  • increased heat exchanger surface thanks to special design
  • inlet pressure compensation
  • integrated pressure relief valve
  • 4.7 kΩ NTC sensor
  • two-piece holder for trouble-free placement
  • variants with black colour (code 1311B)
  • also repair sets in a sale
  • reducer + electrovalve + liquid phase filter at a discounted price



  • gas outlet for reducer MAGIC 3 (d.12.5) (d.12,5) (code 0943/1)
  • gas outlet for reducer MAGIC 3 (d.14) (code 0930/1)
  • reducer Magic 3 90° water inlet (code 1252)
  • water inlet for reducer MAGIC 3 straight (d.16) (code 0646)
  • NTC sensor for gas outlet RM3 (code 00010)
  • plug for reducer MAGIC 3 / injector rail (code 0245)


Technical parameters:

  • Dimension: 153mm
  • Weight: 1,03kg
  • Input: for hose 6mm
  • Outlet: up to 5x for hose 12mm
  • Vacuum outlet: for hose 6mm
  • Homologation:     E20 67R-01 0896



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